Cobblestone Farms in Maricopa Arizona (AZ) 85139:  Discover a Beautiful, Desired Community

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Homes for sale in Cobblestone Farms

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Cobblestone Farms in Maricopa Arizona is a subdivision that is at the top of the list among home buyers in Maricopa.  When you’re seeking properties, be sure to visit Cobblestone Farms and consider this desired community . With 8 properties for sale in Cobblestone Farms available on our no-registration MLS, you’re likely to find that this subdivision meet your expectations. However, finding a property available might be another story.  Find homes listed in price from $209,900 to $261,900, with many homes built as recently as 2007. Homes in Cobblestone Farms offer excellent amenities as mentioned below.  Begin your home search at this site and when you are ready to move to the next step, simply send an email or call Ray Del Real, real estate RAY at 480.335.2355 and start the process to acheive your real estate goals in Maricopa Arizona. 

Cobblestone Farms Community Real Estate Stats:

  • Number of homes for sale: 8
  • Most affordable home is listed at : $209,900
  • The average house on the market is priced at: $237,062
  • Most expensive property is selling for: $261,900
  • Average year home built: 2006

Cobblestone Farms in Maricopa AZ, 85139:

The subdivision of Cobblestone Farms offers two well-sized recreational facilities. The park near the entrance features:

  • Basketball courts
  • Baseball field
  • Soccer field
  • Play center for children
  • Covered seating
  • Cooking grills

Located in the middle of the subdivision:

  • Community pool
  • Horse shoes 
  • Playing field 
  • 2 basketball courts                                                                                                                                                       

Next to the community is a retail shopping center with; fast food, hardware store, dry cleaners, restaurant dining and other various small shops.  


Homes Sold:

Jan - June 2012:  For the first 6 months of this year, there has been 48 homes to close escrow at an average price of $153,000 with 2600 sqft and selling at 99% of list price.

June - Dec 2011: During this time, there were 122 real estate transactions in Cobblestone Farms.  The average selling price was $127,000 with 2400 square feet and closing at 98% of the asking price. 

May 2011: The number of real estate deals increased to 13 with an average selling price of $98,000 with 1970 square feet.

April: 6 properties closed with an average price of $118,000 with 2100 sqft and selling at 94% of list price.  The least expensive home sold for $89,000 and was a single level house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bath and just over 2000 square feet. The largest home sold was 5 bedrooms with 3100 sqft and sold for $168,000.  

March: 13 homes sold this month with an average price of $131,000 with 2400 square feet.  The most affordable home in Cobblestone sold for $79,000 with 1689 square feet. The most expensive home that sold was a bank owned home that was on the market for 5 days.  The property was a 2 level, 3700 square foot home. 

Feb: 5 houses sold and the cheapest was a 4 bedroom, 2 bath that sold for $72,00 with 1682 square feet.  The average property closed at $124,000 with 2300 square feet at 98% of list price.  The average cost per square footage price was $53.  The most expensive property that closed this month was at $159,000 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a private pool featuring 2100 square feet.   

Jan 2011:  7 homes sold in Cobblestone Farms in Maricopa AZ.  The average property was $127,000 with 2700 sqft, selling at 94% of list price and comes to $46 a square foot. 

Dec 2010: The most affordable property sold was a single level home that sold for $83,400 with 1549 square feet.  The most expensive house sold for $177,000 with 3300 square feet that featured a private pool.  The average home sold for $125,000 with 2500  square feet and selling at 100% of list price.  Price per square footage was $50. 

Nov:  There was a spike in homes sold with 14 selling this month.  2 houses sold in the $190's and both having 2 levels, 3700 square feet with a private pool.  The average selling property was sold for $127,000 with 2500 sqft.  There were also homes purchased in the $80-90K which bought down the average in terms of price this month. 

Oct: 8 houses sold this month with an average price of $146,000 with 2700 square feet.

Sept: 5 properties sold in September with an average price $150,000 with 3,000 square feet and selling at 97% of list price.

Aug11 homes sold this month with an average sales price of $130,000 with 2600 square feet and selling at 94% of list price.

July: 7 homes sold in with an average selling price was $140,000 with 2700 sqft and selling at 99% of list price.

June: 11 homes sold this month.  The average selling price was $132,000 with 2500 sqft.

May: 11 homes sold this month with an average selling price was $126,000 with 2400 sqft.

April 10: 13 homes sold with an average selling price was $131,000 with 2300 sqft. The most affordable home sold at $92,000.  2 of the 13 homes has pools.  The pool homes were actually both under 2000 square feet and one sold for $110K and the other sold for $120K.  A 5 bedroom, 3700 sqft home sold for $188,000 which was the most expensive home sold.

March: 13 homes sold from $106 - 180K with an average price $141,000 with 2700 square feet. 3 were bank owned homes with an average of $130K selling at 100% of list price and 5 were short-sales, selling with an average of $150K with 3100 square feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Feb 2010: 11 homes sold with an average of $135K with 2500 square feet.  4 were short-sales/pre-foreclosures with an average of $133K with 2800 square feet - purchased at over list price.  2 were bank owned and averaged $149K with 3000 square feet.  5 homes were regular sales with an average of  $131K with 2000 square feet at 95% of list price

Jan 2010:  Once again there were 11 real estate transactions.  The average house sold for $132,000 with 2300 square feet and selling at 97% of list price.  The deal of the month was a single level property with 1500 sqft that bordered a common area that sold for $88,000.  A luxury home sold for $210,000 which featured 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3700 sqft with a pool and built in bbq. 

Dec 2009: 11 homes sold and the cheapest home sold was for $90,000 with 1,521 square feet.  The average home sold was $130,000 with 2,299 square feet with the largest home selling for $250,000 with 4,000 square feet. 


Single level homes:

Since the expiration of the 2010 Tax credit, 12 homes have sold that were single story with 2000-2500 square feet.  The average sold price is $132,500 @ 98 % of listed price.

Single-level homes with private pools for sale:

3 single level homes with pools sold from June 2010-November 2010.  The average sales price was $157,000 with 2300 square feet.  2 of the properties were regular sales and the other was a short-sale.

July:  There is only one home on the market with a pool.  The home is listed for just under $175,000 with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 2100 square feet.

As of May 2011: There are NO HOMES with POOLS for sale.

2 homes with pools have sold. One was a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with 1690 square feet that was listed at $117K which ended up selling above asking price at $120,000.  The second pool home was a 3 car garage with 2200 square feet that sold at $149,000 and it was a short-sale.  

Basement homes SOLD:

Aug:  1 home with a basement sold for $225,000.  The home featured 4 bedrooms, 4 bath, 3 car garage, 4019 square feet  and a pool.  The property was a traditional sale and accepted an offer in 8 days.  

July: One basement property sold in Cobblestone for $175,000 with 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and just over 4,000 square feet.  It was a short-sale and sold for list price.

Jan 1, 2011 - June 30, 2011: 3 basement homes sold in the first half of 2011.  The most affordable basement home sold for $160,000 that was a short-sale with 4,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and built in 2005.

Basement property # 2 was 5 bedroom, 3 bath with a 3 car garage that sold for $180K and it was listed at $169,500.  The property was previously on the market as a short-sale and it did not sell but an offer was accepted within 13 days of coming on the market at a bank owned home. 

Basement home # 3 sold for $190,000 as it was a regular sale.  It was on the market  for 118 days and sold at the lower price of 190K as it was first listed at $209,000.  The home was a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath with a 2 car garage.  

6 basement homes sold in 2010.  The most afforable home sold for $119,900 with 2900 square feet and was bank owned that needed lots of work. 

4 basement homes featured square footage over 4,000 square feet.  These properties sold for: $160K, $164,K, $172K and $185K and were short-sales. 

The most expensive basement property sold for $195K with 3700 square feet and featured a private pool. This was the only property (of the 6) that had a pool. 

If you take out the lowest basement home sold, the average selling price is $175,000 with 3900 square feet and was on the market for 92 days. 

Luxury home for sale :

Homes for sale with 3 car garage:

53 homes with 3 car garages sold in 2010:  The smallest 3 car garage home contains 2100 square feet compared to the larger homes ranging from 3700-3900 and 4100 square feet.   The average 3 car garage property sold for $156,000, had 3100 square feet and sold at 98% of list price.  As for the most expensive house; it sold for $249,000 with just over 4000 square feet. 

Affordable Homes Sold: In March, the 3 most affordable properties sold for under $80,000.  2 houses has 1800 square feet and the other was a smaller property with 1500 sqft.  All the homes were single level homes located on Granite and the other property was located on Gibson (which backs to the 347 HWY - Maricopa RD). 

Corner Lot Homes: 1 home on a corner lot sold in March for $168,000.  This corner lot home was a traditional sale and sold on the same day it entered the market.  The property featrured 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, RV gate, balcony, green belt views on a large lot (12000-15000 square feet).

Active homes for sale:

Dec30 properties are on the market.  Of this number:

  • 18 are short-sales - average price is $115,000 with 2351 sqft.  The most expensive short-sale property is a two story, 6 bedroom home with 3,900 square feet with a list price of $165,000.
  • 2 are foreclosed homes - one home is a single level home listed at $76,000 with 1,683 square feet and the other bank owned home in Cobblestone Farms is larger with 2,236 square feet with 2 levels and priced at $99,900. 
  • Regular sales - 6 houses are on the market with an average selling price of $163,000 with 2,600 square feet. 

Sept:  So for this month, 49 homes are for sale.  The average price is $132,000 with 2500 square feet. 

Aug:  There are 41 homes for sale.  The average price is $138,000 with 2500 sqft and being on the market for 91 days.

May 2010: The are currently 25 homes for sale in Cobblestone Farms ranging from $88-274K  with an average price of $136,000 with 2450 square feet.  Of the 25 active homes for sale, 15 are short-sales and/or pre-foreclosure, averaging $135K with 2600 square feet and 7 are bank owned homes averaging a price of $110K with 2000 square feet.   If you notice, 22 of the 25 active homes, you will be dealing with a bank!! If you are not considering short-sales, you will not be viewing most of the inventory in Cobblestone Farms.

Homes on culdesac:

4 bedroom homes:

5 bedroom houses:

Homes with over 3,000 Square Feet:

Homes with RV parking:

Homes that border common area:

Seller Carry Back homes:

Homes with bedroom on first floor:

Homes for sale next to greenbelt and / or common area:

Cobblestone Farms HOA Information

Trash Pick Up Days:
Recycle (blue barrel) = Wednesday and Friday
Garbage (green barrel) = Tuesday (Holidays one day later)

Mailbox Keys: The Association is not responsible for mailbox key distribution. Builder will issue key to first time buyer. On Re-sale, the previous owner or Title Company should give you the mailbox keys at close of escrow.

Pool Keys: Pool access cards are available from the community manager.

Gate Key / Transmitter:Not applicable.

Parking Policy: Homeowner vehicles are to be parked in the garage or on the driveway. Street parking is not allowed except for visitor parking. Commercial vehicles may be parked in the garage but not on the driveway or street. RVs may be parked on the driveway or the street for a maximum of 48 hours for loading and unloading purposes only. Vehicles and trailers may be stored on the side yard behind the double gates providing they are not visible over the gate or fence.

Assessment Due Date: The assessment fee is due quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st of any given year.

Assessment Late Date: The assessment is late on the 15th of the month it is due.

Assessment Late Fee: A late fee of $15 or 10% of the unpaid assessment (whichever is greater), will be applied to any accounts over 15 days past due.

Association's Managing Agent is:
7740 N. 16th Street, Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 602.957.9191 or 800.354.0257
Fax: 602.957.8802

HOA dues: $264.77 a quarter ($215.15 plus $49.62 for cable)


Characteristics of Homes

Homes in Cobblestone Farms were built by the builder Fulton Homes.  Fulton Homes built a variety of products as the first can be characterized as a starter home as it is a single-story home with square feet ranging from 1500-1800.  The next type of home ranges from 2000 square feet and above, single-story or two story homes.  On the upper scale, Fulton Homes offered basement homes in the community of Cobblestone Farms as well as homes with 3500-4000 square feet. 

When you take a drive through the subdivision, you might not realize that the elevation of the homes' landscaping (in general) does not overshadow the property.   The trees are not the fast-growing trees that tend to overshadow the home as it's some developments in the neighboring subdivisions. 

Homes are located on Granite, Gibson, Celtic, Garden, Adobe, Venture, High Desert Trl, Sunset, Stonecreek and Sedona Trl to name a few streets. 


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