Maricopa Short Sale Homes for Sale in Senita

The real estate market in Maricopa, Arizona, similar to the vast majority of real estate markets across the nation, is overflowing with homes that are being sold as a short-sale and/or in pre-foreclosure. Call 480-335-2355 as soon as possible to consult with Ray Del Real to learn more about purchasing a short-sale home in Maricopa. Also be sure to search our complete database of MLS listings, which we update every day to provide you with the most current availability and property information. You’ll never be asked to provide contact information or other personal data, so you’ll be able to search in privacy. Just browse listings whenever it’s most convenient for you! You’ll find a wide variety of properties, and you’re sure to find great short-sale homes and properties for sale in Maricopa.

Senita Short-Sale Real Estate Market Conditions:

  • Number of homes for sale: 2
  • Most affordable home is listed at : $170,000
  • The average house on the market is priced at: $222,500
  • Most expensive property is selling for: $275,000
  • Average year home built: 2006

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Short Sale Homes for Sale in Maricopa AZ Can Be Right for You if Time is on Your Side. 

A Short-Sale occurs when owners are no longer able to fulfill their mortgage obligations and owe more than what the home is worth. The bank works with them to avoid foreclosure by selling the home at the current market value. As a result of recent economic woes, the rising rates of mortgage default and foreclosures, fabulous values await. Explore the variety of available short sale property in Maricopa AZ, and experience the luxury of choice.

If you are a Buyer considering purchasing a short-sale property, contact real estate RAY and learn more about Buying a short-sale property. If somebody you know, is considering the options that are available when facing a hardship, call for a free consultaion and explore all the options if you are considering selling your home. 

Short-Sale Market Conditions in Maricopa, Arizona:

From Jan of 2010 to March 6, 2010:  189 short-sales properties have sold.  The average price is $100,000 with 2,100  square feet and on the market for 158 days.   Even though some short-sales have sold for $10,000 under list price, others have sold $10,000 over list price.  So, overall, you can expect to pay 100 % of list price on short-sales properties.  With that being said, every property will be different and that's why you should partner with an agent like myself that will inform you of the current value and inform you if the asking price is realistic or if the price is low and to expect to pay a higher price.  If you have further questions regaring short-sales in Maricopa, Arizona feel free to call real estate RAY at  480.335.2355


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