Homes for Sale with Pools in Maricopa, Arizona: Splash Down with an Amazing Property

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Homes with a Pool for Sale in Maricopa Arizona

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Homes for sale with pools in Maricopa, Arizona are a valuable commodity. Today, there are 42 listings for homes with swimming pools in Maricopa AZ running in cost from $149,900 to $650,000. And with a swift search of our no-registration MLS, you can find a first-rate house with a private pool in no time. Just get in contact with Ray Del Real when you discover a house that is of interest, and you could be doing cannonballs into your new pool in no time.

Maricopa AZ Homes with a Pool Real Estate Market Conditions:

  • Number of homes for sale: 42
  • Most affordable home is listed at : $149,900
  • The average house on the market is priced at: $311,868
  • Most expensive property is selling for: $650,000
  • Average year home built: 2005

Homes with Swimming Pools for Sale in Maricopa Arizona

85138 & 85139


Looking to save money or worried about safety? Consider purchasing a home that features a community pool in Maricopa, Arizona.  Here are the subdivisions that have this amenity: 

  • Glennwilde
  • Cobblestone Farms 
  • The Villages at Ranch El Dorado
  • Province - Active Adult Living (indoor pool and spa and outdoor pool).
  • Smith Farms / Desert Passage


Pool Homes sold in Maricopa Arizona 85138:

Jan - June 2012: So far this year, there has been 184 properties with a private pool that have sold.  The average selling price for pool homes is $138,000 with 2300 sqft and selling at 99% of list price.

April - Dec 2011: There were 234 real estate transaction involving homes with a pool in Maricopa AZ.  The average closing price was $127,000 with almost 2500 square feet and selling at 99% of list price. 

March: The amount of homes increased this month to 49 with an average selling price of $119,00 with 2300 sqft.  A luxury golf course lot property sold in Rancho El Dorado with 4 bedrooms, 2 bath and 4,000 sqft for $215,000.  It was on the market for 4 days and sold $16,000 over list price. 

Feb: 21 houses with swimming pools sold this month for an average price of $137,000 with 2500 sqft and selling over list price. 

Jan 2011: 25 pool real estate transactions occurred this month.  The average selling price of these properties was $110,000 with 2400 sqft.  The most affordable property sold in Maricopa Meadows (south of the tracks) for $62,000 and featured; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1500 sqft.

Dec: The number of homes with pools that sold in Maricopa increased to 35 with an average selling price of $120,000 with 2500 square feet.  2 of the 3 most expensive homes with pools sold in Rancho El Dorado and the third sold in Cobblestone Farms.  The two properties in Rancho El Dorado were both golf course lot homes with pools. 

Nov: 23 properties with a pool closed escrow with an average price of $132,000 with 2600 sqft.  The most affordable home with a pool sold for $66,000 and was located in the community of Tortosa.  It features 4 bedrooms, 2 bath and 1533 square feet.  The most expensive property sold for $222,000 with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and almost 4,000 sqft - located in The Villages at Rancho El Dorado. 

Oct: 20 homes with a private pool sold with an average price of $122,000 with 2200 sqft and selling at 97% of list price.  The most affordable property sold for $81,000 with just over 2000 square feet. 

Sept: 27 pool real estate transactions closed this month with an average selling price of $129,000 with 2400 square feet.  The most expensive property sold for $240,000 with 3900 sqft and was located in Rancho El Dorado.

Aug:  The weather is heating up in Arizona and so are the sale involving a home with a pool for sale.  This month the number of properties that recorded increased to 26.  The average sold price reduced to $126,000 as well as the average square footage which was 2300.  

The bargain of the month was a home south of the tracks in Maricopa Meadows that sold for $65,000 with a pool, 3 bedroom, 2 bath with over 1300 square feet.  This property was a bank owned home and received a full-price cash offer.

7 of the 26 properties were located south of the tracks.  The most expensive home was a horse property in Hidden Valley.  This property featured over an acre of land; 4 bedrooms, 4 bath and almost 4,000 square feet.  The asking price was $324,900 and received a cash offer within 2 days for $325,900.  The property has a septic tank and the water source is a shared-well. 

July: The number of houses decreased again this month to 17.  However, the average selling prices increased to $145,000 with the same average square feet as the previous month, 2500.   8 of the 17 pool real estate transactions involved a home in the golf subdivision of Rancho El Dorado. The most affordable home sold for $105,000 and had 3 bedrooms, 2 bath with 2000 square and was located in the smaller community of Acacia Crossing.  The property was short-sale and had a full price accepted offer within 3 days. 

The most expensive house sold for $283,000 and had 5 bedrooms, 3 bath with a 3 car garage and just over 3900 square feet.  The house was a traditional / regular sale and had an accepted cash offer within 6 days. 

No home with a pool sold in Glennwilde this month. 

June: This month the number of real estate transactions involving a home with a pool, lowered to 32.  The most affordable property featured; 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1900 square feet, 2 car garage and built in 2006.  The property was originally listed for $89,000 and sold for $85,000.  The home was a short-sale, on the market for just over 70 days and located in the community of Tortosa.  A luxury home with a pool was the most expensive property to close this month.  The property was located in the golf course community of Rancho El Dorado and featured: 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, three car garage, built in 2006 and just under 4000 square feet.  The property also featured granite countertops, 18" tile throughout, 2 bedrooms downstairs, an RV gate and more....

The average selling price was $143,000 with 2500 square feet and sold at 99 % of asking price.   There were no properties that sold in Cobblestone Farms with a pool; however, pools in the following subdivisions closed - Rancho El Dorado, The Villages (at Rancho El Dorado), retirement community of Province, Tortosa, Senita, Homestead, and Maricopa Meadows.

May 2010: 40 homes with a pool sold for an average price of $124,000 with 2,300 square feet at 99% of list price. 

April 2010: 31 pool homes sold with an average price of $140,000 with 2,400 square feet selling and selling at 98% of list price. 

From Jan. 2010 to March 2010:  85 homes have sold for an average price of $138,000 with 2,500 square feet that sold within 99% of list price.  The 85 pool homes include short-sales and bank owned homes. 

For March 2010: 158 homes without pools sold for $105,000 with 2,100 square feet at 98% of list price compared to homes with pools that sold for an average of $140,000 with 2,500 square feet at a list price to sales price of 97%.

You will discover homes with a pool for sale in the following subdivisions: Rancho El Dorado, Cobblestone Farms, Acacia Crossings (Crossing), Province, Homestead, The Lakes, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado, Senita, Rancho Mirage, Tortosa, Sorrento, Desert Passage, Glennwilde Groves, Palo Brea, Alterra (North and South), Maricopa Meadows and Desert Cedars.

Every once in a while, you will find a horse property for sale with a pool in Maricopa.  These horse properties communities are: Saddleback Farms, Thunderbird Farms and Hidden Valley.


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