Owner Carry Back Homes for Sale:

Homes in which the Owner/Seller will carry a loan in Maricopa, AZ:

Need financial assistance in your home purchase?  Consider Seller /Owner Carry Back homes in Maricopa Arizona 85138 & 85139. 

Market conditions:

  • Number of homes for sale: 2
  • Most affordable home is listed at : $149,900
  • The average house on the market is priced at: $239,900
  • Most expensive property is selling for: $329,900
  • Average year home built: 1992

Seller May Carry Homes for Sale in Maricopa Arizona:

Here are some examples of owner may carry properties on the market:

3 bedroom, 2 bath with 1800 square feet and the list price is $70,0000.  The owner is seeking:

  1. 20 % downpayment
  2. 8 % interest rate
  3. 5 year loan and at the end of the loan a ballon payment will required.

On a property listed for just over $75,000, owner is asking for 20 % down and $500 a month.

A 2 level home with 2200 square feet is priced to sell just over $100,000 and the criteria for the owner to carry is:

  1. Buyer needs to current on bills.
  2. Debt to income ratios must not go pass 23% of your income
  3. Interest rate will be 6.75 - 7 % over 360 months
  4. Down payment will be no less than 5 %.


For questions on homes in which the Seller may offer owner financing / Seller-Carry-Back, contact:

real estate RAY @ 480.335.2355

Owner financing can be found in: Cobblestone Farms, Rancho El Dorado, The Villages, Province, Homestead, Acacia Crossings, The Lakes, Senita, Rancho Mirage, Glennwilde Groves, Tortosa, Sorrento, Desert Passage, Santa Rosa Springs, Palo Brea, Alterra, Desert Cedars, Maricopa Meadows, Thunderbird Farms, Hidden Valley.  Ptoperty types can also include horse properties, seller carry back on mobile homes, manufactured homes, properties with shared-well, a private well or hauled water, luxury homes, homes on the golf course, golf course lot and / or a home with a pool.  

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