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Maricopa Arizona Horse Properties for Sale - horse real estate in Maricopa Arizona

Giddie up to begin or continue living the rural lifestyle with horse real estate properties in Maricopa, Arizona. Get in touch with Ray Del Real - real estate RAY - at your earliest convenience at 480-335-2355 to learn more about the variety of horse property homes that are suitable for horse owners. Take some time to visit our extensive database of MLS listings, where you can look search properties anytime of the day or night. Search for free, and without being required to divulge contact information or other confidential data. You will not feel pressured and search for horse properties in Maricopa Arizona whenever it’s most convenient. Take a look right now, and you’ll see that these incredible horse homes start at just $86,670, and range up to $650,000 in price. Our database is updated every day, so you’ll always see the most pertinent and accurate information that’s available. You’re guaranteed to find a horse property that suits your needs. And, you’ll have access to entertainment and activities that the Phoenix area has to offer!

Horse Real Estate Market Conditions:

  • Number of homes for sale: 38
  • Most affordable home is listed at : $86,670
  • The average house on the market is priced at: $244,231
  • Most expensive property is selling for: $650,000
  • Average year home built: 1997

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Maricopa AZ Horse Property Real Estate 

With Maricopa AZ horse real estate properties, you will be able to enroll yourself in some horseback riding lessons. Your kids will feel comfortable in the stable from a very young age, and they may even want to eventually participate in riding contests and shows. Your home will offer all the facilities and land you’ll want and need to give your equine friends a comfortable and healthy life. Run them in your massive corral, and then let them graze in your pasture. Head to your massive barn, which offers numerous stables, an abundance of storage space, and a tack shop. On your day off, take some time to explore scenic local equestrian trails! You’ll delight in your ideal lifestyle. You’ll even witness stupendous sunsets from the comfort of your saddle.


Active Horse Properties for sale in Maricopa AZ:

Aug: There are 64 horse properties for sale in Maricopa Arizona.  The average horse home is priced at $189,000 with 1900 sqft and on the market for 191 days.

Of the horse homes for sale; 25 are either city / private water, 11 have a private-well on the property, 22 have a shared-well as the water source and the other properties, the water will need to be hauled. 

July: there are 60 horse homes for sale in Maricopa AZ.  The average price is $207,00 with 2000 square feet.

June:  There are 55 horse properties for sale with an average price is $149,000 with 1700 square feet. 


Horse Properties sold in Maricopa AZ:

Feb: 8 properties sold this month with an average price of $61,000 with 1600 square feet and selling at 94% of list price.  

Jan 2011: 11 horse real estate properties sold with an average price of $92,000 with 1700 square feet and selling at 89 % of list price.  

Dec: Who says the market slows down during the holidays?  This month 16 real estate with horses closed at an average of $67,000 with 1900 square feet.  The average selling price to asking price was 91%.

Nov: 7 equestrian homes sold with an average price of $67,000 with 1700 sqaure feet and a selling % of 97. 

Oct: 5 homes sold with an average price of $74,000 with 1800 sqft and sold at 91% of list price.  The days on the market vary as one property was on the market for 20 days and the average was 105 days. 

Sept: 5 horse homes sold with an average of $72,000 with 1600 sqft and selling at 98% of list price.

Aug: 2 properties closed this month.  One property sold for $66,000 and the other sold for $325,000 with 3900 sqft.

July: 7 transactions sold this month with an average selling price of $50,000 with 1400 square feet and selling at 99% of list price.

June 2010:  17 horse properties sold in Maricopa Arizona.  The average price was $66,000 with 2000 sqf; selling at 96% of list price and on the market for 136 days.

May 2010: 15 horse homes sold with an average price of $73,000 with 1700 sqft; selling at 99% of list price and on the market for 66 days. 


Characteristics of Horse Properties in Maricopa AZ:

Horse Homes Characteristics:  When purchasing a horse home there are some things that you need to consider.  The property will most likely contain a septic tank and one of the following:  a private well, a shared well or you will need to have the water hauled.  Gas might be available, if not, you will be using propane. 

When selling a horse property in Arizona, the common practice is for the Seller to pay for the septic inspection.  When dealing with banks however, this is not always the case.  Sometimes the banks pay for the inspection, other times they limit the cost to a certain amount and other times they might counter the contract and state the Buyer is responsible.  


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