See Why Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale Have Something for;

  • First-Time Buyers - homes are affordable. 
  • Move-up Buyers - nicer homes at attractive prices. 
  • Second Home Buyers - at these prices, buy another house.
  • Snow Birds - tired of the cold...consider Arizona!
  • Canadians - with the exchange rate, invest in Phoenix. 
  • Investors - cash flow with rentals.

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Incorporated in 2003, just 20 miles from South Phoenix and 30 miles from the Phoenix airport, Maricopa AZ offers a great value for real estate compared to Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. Highway 347 (a two lane highway in each direction) - Maricopa Rd / John Wayne Parkway offers easy access to and from Phoenix and makes Maricopa a place to consider. 

Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for an Affordable Property, or if you are a current homeowner looking to upgrade to 4 Bedroom Real Estate; seeking Golf Properties, or wanting a home with great views that Waterfront Properties offer, you will have a great selection to choose from.  For investors looking for affordable properties to cash flow as rentals, search this detailed website of homes and you should discover opportunites await in the Maricopa Arizona real estate market.  

If these homes for sale spark an interest, do not hesitiate to email, call or text to see if we can work together to obtain your real estate goals. 

I am motivated, enegertic, creative and enjoy assisting others in real estate.  Want to pick my brain about Maricopa AZ homes for sale / real estate? Call and lets chat! For questions about Maricopa Arizona real estate and /or to inquire about having real estate RAY work for you, please call:



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Maricopa Arizona real estate has many features and with my assistance, you should be ableto find a community that fits your lifestyle, interest and budget.                          

For example, homes in Maricopa range from being affordable (starter homes from 1200-1500 square feet) to luxury homes (from 5 bedrooms, 3,000 square feet and up) and feature; community pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, gated community, active adult living / retirement homes, golf course lot, golf course lot with mountain views, golf course lot home with pool, RV gate, basement homes and walking paths to name a few. 

If you enjoy horseback riding, hiking and nature, consider Maricopa AZ horse properties for sale.  With NO HOA's, more freedom exists and neighbors may be located further away (giving you more peace and quiet if desired). 

However, if you prefer a neighbor with no cars on blocks in the front or backyard, then living closer to the city is where you will find many subdivisions with HOA's.  Many of these communities  are located within a few miles of the heart of the city.  

You will find affordable properties and in the summertime, when it can get 115 degrees, you might consider viewing homes with pools in Maricopa, Arizona.  If you like views, you will find waterfront lot homes for sale as well as lakeside properties.  As for active adults, a retirement community is present called Province that flourish of amenities.

Homes for sale in Maricopa AZ are located throughout the city in the following communities: Rancho El Dorado, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado, Cobblestone Farms, Acacia Crossings, Maricopa Meadows, Rancho El Dorado, Alterra (also known as Alterra North and Alterra South), Desert Cedars, Palo Brea, Senita, Glennwilde Groves, Rancho Mirage, Santa Rosa Springs, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado, Tortosa, Homestead, Sorrento, Desert Passage, Smith Farms, The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado, Hidden Valley, Thunderbird Farms, Saddleback Farms and the active adult living community of Province.  As you can see, Maricopa Arizona real estate offers a large selection of homes for sale.  For assistance in narrowing your home search, just email, call or text:

real estate RAY @ 480.335.2355


Here are a few reasons to buy a home in Maricopa AZ:

1. New - The majority of homes in Maricopa have been recently built with the first master planned Community starting in 2002. 

2. Value - Compared to homes in surrounding communities (Tempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and the Phoenix area), homes in Maricopa are cheaper. 

3. Affordability - Closing costs on mortgages for homes in Maricopa have the possibility of being equal to or cheaper than the move-in costs on a rental property.  There are properties  that are priced at $100,000 and under.  This means a lot more home for the same cost or a lot less cost for the same home in square footage. 

4. Selection - With so many communities and property types available in the City of Maricopa,  it's amazing at the choices you have. From re-sale, traditional/regular sales, short-sales, bank owned, foreclosures, pre-approved short-sales, new homes, horse real estate, HUD homes, golf course lots, manufactured / mobile homes, homes with pools, golf course properties, and much more....the selection will not be an issue.  The issue will be AVAILABILITY.  

5.  Planned Development - The majority of Maricopa was developed as Master Planned Communities.

6. Location / Rural Living - Loacted 20 miles southeast of Phoenix, Maricopa AZ is away from the hustle and bustle of city living and residents can enjoy a quiet area as well as horse properties, manufactured homes, desert and mountain views.

7. Maricopa, Arizona is GROWING!!  - New home builders are building again and many retail outlets are for sale/lease.  Holiday Inn will be building a hotel and should be completed by the end of 2012.  Banner Health Care has broken ground across the community of Glennwilde Groves (borders the city park of Pacana); Arizona Central College is planned to be built north of Banner Health Care (across the subdivision of Desert Passage / Smith Farms) and the new city Hall (located east of Desert Passage) is beginning to place the infrastructure


Current Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Conditions:

Active Homes for sale in Maricopa AZ:

Oct:  The inventory continues on the upward trend as the number of homes increases to over 450 homes.

Sept: The inventory jumps to almost 400 homes. 

Aug:  312 properties currently on the market. 

July:  Real estate is on the rise!!  There are currently 249 homes on the market with an average listing price of $150,000 with 2100 square feet.   When short-sales are subtracted, the number falls to 220 properties with an average asking price of $154,000.

There are 166 traditional houses on the market with an average price of $156,000 with 2100 square feet.  This included horse properties in which the most affordable property is listed for $39,000.

June: The inventory remains stable at 210 with an average list price of $152,000 with 2190 square feet.  When horse properties and mobile homes are subtracted from the inventory, the average selling prices increases to $160,000.

May 30th: The total number of properties on the market increased to 207 with an average asking price of $152,000 with 2200 square feet.  When horse properties are subtracted from the total number of houses, the inventory falls to 166 homes listed in MLS.  The average asking price increases to $155,000 as the most affordable horse property is listed for $25,000. 

April: There are a total of 185 homes for sale.  Not counting horse properties, the inventory falls to 139.  Regarding the 139 homes on the market, the average list price is $146,000 with 2100 square feet.  The most affordable property is on the market for $55,000 and the most expensive home is listed for $435,000 with 4100 square feet.

March:  The market is hot!! The total inventory is 195 properties and if you subtract horse real estate, the number drops to a whopping 142!! 

On properties that I have been involved with; a property that came "back on the market" had 7 offers, 5 were cash; on another property that was a short-sale there were 12 offers; for a move-in ready home priced at $99,000 with 1500 sqft there were multiple offers as well.  Good luck out there !!

Feb:  The inventory continues to drop.  The total number of homes is 210.  The lowest in years!!

Jan: Though it's a new year, the same real estate active market as homes continue to sell quickly.  The number of active homes for sale is 224.  This number includes horse properties.

Dec: Even during the holidays, the market is active.  The amount of properties lowers to 236.

Nov: The inventory of homes continues downward @ 251.

Oct: Real estate in Maricopa lowers again.  The number is now 266 properties on the market.

Sept: The number of properties currently on the market remains stable at 283.  When you minus horse real estate, the number is 243. 

Aug: Once again, the inventory of homes continues to fall.  There are 279 active properties on the market and if you subtract horse properties, the number drops to 235 residential homes in subdivisions regulated by HOA's.

The most 5 affordable homes are are in Maricopa Meadows and Tortosa.  3 homes are in Maricopa Meadows which is south of the tracks and 2 are in Tortosa which is the furthest community east in Maricopa AZ.

As for homes, the cheapest home is listed for $40K; 4 bedrooms, 2 bath with 1447 square feet and located in Maricopa Meadows.  

July:  The number of Maricopa Arizona homes for sale keeps getting lower and lower.  This month the total number of properties on the market is 298 and of this number, 251 are residential homes.  203 homes have offers that are contingent and there are 296 homes "pending." 

June:  Wow!!! Under 300 active homes for sale!  This is the lowest number of properties in the MLS in years.  Homes that are located in the more sought-out areas, that are move-in ready, you can expect multiple offers (at list price or above).  There was a two story home with a pool with over 3000 square feet that received 3 offers in the same day.

May 28th: Under 400 are currently for sale!! 385 total residential houses are active in the Arizona MLS.  Not including horse properties, the number falls to 334!! Of the 385 properties:

  • 128 homes are short-sales
  • 92 are bank owned and/or HUD homes
  • 136 are regular homes for sale in Maricopa AZ 85138 & 85139

May 6th:  The inventory continues to dwindle.  Currently there are 440 properties on the market and if you subtract horse properties for sale, there are 388 residential homes on the market!  For the most part, if you are making an offer, you need to make it good.

April 15th:  WOW, under 500 homes for sale in Maricopa.  Not counting horse properties, there are 420 residential properties on the market.  There are more homes with offers / pending than homes for sale!!

March 18th:  The amount of properties for sale in Maricopa AZ continues to fall.  There are currently 580 homes on the market.

March:  The number homes has fallen this month to 600!

Feb:  The inventory of homes in Maricopa Arizona continues to lower as the number is below 700 and is now 684.

Mid Jan: The number of active houses listed on the market has fallen to 750!! Homes that are in desirable communities and show well are receiving multiple offers.

Jan 2011:  There are currently 857 properties for sale in Maricopa AZ.  Over the past few months, the number of houses on the market have been decreasing. 

Dec:  The inventory of homes has decreased to 875 properties.  The average home is listed for $102,000 with 2,100 square feet.  380 are short-sales; 200 are foreclosed homes and 183 are traditional sales (63 being HUD homes). 

Nov:  Houses have dropped to 978 active properties listed for sale.  Properties in Maricopa AZ are being reduced periodically and once it drops to a point where a Buyer finds attractive, offers come in.  If a property shows well and is move-in ready, it can have an offers within days if not sooner.The average home is priced at $104,000 with 2200 square feet. Even though the average is $104,000 there are 597 homes for $100,000 and under!

October 15:  The inventory of houses for sale in Maricopa AZ continue to spiral upwards.  The total is 1,051.  Of this amout, 447 are short-sales, 285 are bank owned and 266 are regular / traditional sales.  The percentages are as follows:

  • 42 % of the properties listed in the MLS are short-sales
  • 27 % homes are bank owned - foreclosures
  • 25 % of houses are traditional sales.  (most of these traditional sales are those that purchased properties as a short-sale and/or foreclosures).

Oct 1 The number of homes that are listed for sale is currently at 1,035!!! The highest so for this year! There are over 600 homes in the MLS for $100K and under!! Over 250 are for sale @ $75K and under. 

Call real estate RAY @ 480.335.2355 for further details on purchasing an affordable home! 

Sept:   This month, the number of homes on the market has surpassed 1,000 due to the ceasing of the $8000 tax credit.

As of Aug 10th:  There is now 921 homes for sale.  This is the highest number of homes being offered for sale so for this year!! The average homes is listed for $120,000 with 2200sqft and has been on the market for 104 days.

As of Aug 3rd: 897 homes are for sale!! Take your PICK of properties!

As of July 15th: 862 homes for sale in Maricopa AZ. The average listed price is $123,000 with 2100 square feet.

As of July 6th: There are 827 homes for sale. Inventory in Maricopa is increasing. 

As of June 29th: 804 active homes for sale!! 168 are bank owned, 356 short-sales and 246 regular homes for sale.

As of June 18th: 795 active homes for sale.  Inventory is increasing. If you plan on buying, you have choices!

As of June 11th:   There are 781 active homes for sale with an average price of $128,000 with 2,200 square feet.  359 are short-salses with an average price of $101,000 with 2,200 square feet.  157 homes for sale in Maricopa are bank owned with an averge price of $109,000 with 2,251 square feet and 230 are regular sales with an average price of $167,000 with 2,200 square feet. 

As of May 8th: There are 739 active homes for sale.  321 are short-sales, 146 are bank owned and 240 are regular sales. There are 303 homes for sale for $100,000 and under. 

As of April 22nd: There are 742 active homes for sale.  This number includes manufactured, mobile homes and horse properties for sale.  Of this number, 319 are short-sale homes for sale.  This translates into 43 percent of the homes being short-sale properties. 127 homes are bank owned / foreclosures and 263 are neither bank owned or short-sale properties.

As of March 28:   There are currently 681 active homes for sale.  Of those, 279 are short-sales, 240 are regular sales and 120 are bank owned properties.  Short-sales are increasing and owners are now becoming renters as the average rental inventory has been well over 100 and a few weeks ago it was at 59 and currently the inventory of rental properties in Maricopa AZ is 74 rental properties on the market. Seems like the market is hoovering around an inventory of 675-700 active homes with around 40% being short-sales.

As of Feb. 10th, there are: 688 homes for sale.  Of these, 113 are bank owned homes, 301 are short-sales and there are 231 regular sales.  Over 600 homes have offers and over half are short-sales.  It appears that the inventory is increasing and the average days on market is increasing as well.

As of December 23rd, there are currently 580 homes for sale in Maricopa.  Of these, 99 are bank owned homes, 253 are short-sales, and 194 are neither short-sales or foreclosed homes. 

There are over 200 homes for sale for $100K and under!!  There are OVER 600 homes for sale in Maricopa that have offers on them !!   Over 80 homes have sold for $100K or under THIS month!!  As of December 23rd, 150 homes have sold so far.


Homes Sold in Maricopa Arizona 85138 & 85139:

April: 251 real estate transaction closed.  The average priced property was 88,000 with 2100 square feet and selling at 98% of listed price.

March:  Homes sold this month jumped to 307 closed properties. The average price was $93,000 with 2200 square feet and selling at 97% of listed price.

Feb: 195 properties closed with an average price of $92,600 with 2200 square feet and selling at 97 % of list price.

Jan:  198 homes sold with an average price of $92,000 with 2100 sqft.  and selling at 96% of asking price. 

Dec 2010: The number of properties sold increased to 232 with an average price of $93,000 and selling at 94% of list price which might be the lowest selling percentage point all year!

Nov: 185 houses closed this month which was an increase from October.  Of hte 185, 31 homes were south of the tracks with an average selling price of $88,000 with 2300 square feet.  

Oct: Real estate activity remained stable this month as the total homes sold was similiar to last month's with 164. 

Sept: The number of houses sold this month decreases to 163 but with a higher average price of $107,000. 

Aug: 201 properties closed this month with an average price of $101,000; selling at 98% of list price.

July 2010: 156 homes sold in this month.  The average home selling price was $108,000; with 2200 sqft,  on the market for 84 days and sold at 98 % of list price.  41 were short sales, 65 were bank owned, and 50 homes were regular sales. 

June 2010: 260 homes sold this month.  The average sales prices was $106,000 with 2100 sqft, selling at 99% of list price and on the market for 80 days.  72 homes were short-sales, 104 were bank owned homes and 75 were regular sale homes.  

May 2010:  233 homes sold; 63 were short-sales with an average price of $97,000 with 2,251 square feet and selling at 99% of list price.  78 homes sold were bank owned with an average price of $105,000 with 2,348 square feet and selling at list price.  84 were regular sales with an average of $109,000 with 2,700 square feet and selling at 97 % of list price.

April 2010: 250 homes sold and 75 were regular sales with an average price of $111,000 with 2,000 square feet and selling at 98% of list price. 103 bank owned homes sold with an average price of $102,000 with 2,227 square feet and selling above list price.  67 short-sales sold with an average price of $99,000 with 2,000 square feet and selling at list price.

March 2010:  225 homes sold; of these, 60 were short sales with an average price of $100,000 with a square footage of 2,187 selling at 99% of list price.  83 were bank owned homes with an average price of $104,000 with 2285 square feet that sold above list price.  68 were regular sales that had an average price of $110,000 with 2,000 square feet that sold at 97% of list price. 

Feb. 2010: 202 homes sold; 48 were regular sales with an average sales price of 122,000 with a square footage of 2000; 64 were short-sales with a sales price averaging $98,000 and with a similiar sqaure footage of 2000; 84 bank owned homes sold with an average of $106K with 2189 square feet.

Jan 2010:  214 homes sold this month.  52 were regualr sales or HUD homes, 68 were short-sales and 87 were bank owned homes.  The average price for a regular sale was 116K with 2100 sqft at 97% of asking price.

The average for short-sale homes was 94K with 1900 sqft at 100% of asking price. As for bank owned homes for sale in Maricopa, the average price was 95K with 2000 sqft. selling at list price as well.

December 2009: 166  homes have sold; 43 were bank owned homes, 45  were short-sale homes and 43 were neither bank owned or short-sales homes for sale in Maricopa.  The average list price was $108,000 and the average selling price was $108,000. The cheapest home for sale that sold this month was $59,600 for a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1400 square foot home. 

For further details on the Maricopa real estate market and/or homes for sale in Maricopa AZ, contact

real estate RAY @ 480.335.2355


What to Expect When Making an Offer on a Bank Owned Home in Maricopa AZ

Prior to the $8,000 Tax Credit expiring:  On average, you can expect for there to be multiple offers and for the selling price to be at or above list price (if not thousands over).  After the Seller receives the offer, you should have a response within 7 to 10 days if not sooner.  Sometimes the Seller will inform you that there are multiple offers and other times they will not. 

Since the end of the Tax Credit:  I am seeing the inventory of bank owned homes slowly increasing as well on being on the market for a longer period of time.  Is it not uncommon for homes to be on the market for weeks without an offer and some properties are being reduced accordingly.  However, if you think about making an offer below list price, banks will likely counter very close to list price.  If the banks receive another during the same time yours is received, and the other offer is better, you might not be countered at all and lose out on a good priced home. 

Seems like many bank owned homes are being reduced after 30 days, 45 days and 60 days if no offers have been accepted.  It's not uncommon to see bank reduce homes by 10-15 and even $20,000.  When a priced is reduced, the Seller will then most likely receive an offer to close or at the reduced price.  For this reason, even though bank owned homes are on the market longer, the average selling price of these properties are still between 97-98% of list price.  

For further details on homes for sale in Maricopa or real estate in general, contact real estate RAY at 480.335.2355


Maricopa Arizona Rental Information:

For current rental statistics, view homes fo rent page:

Sept:  The rental inventory decreased this month to 165 houses. 

Aug: Even though properties are being rented, more are coming on market.  There are currently 170 rental properties available.

July:  The number of properties for lease increased to 155.

June:  There are currently 137 rental houses that are availalbe.

May:  The rental market continues to increase in inventory as homes for lease in Maricopa increase to 120.

April: The number of properties for rent increased to 110. 

March:  So far this month, there are 97 rental properties for lease in Maricopa AZ. The average rent is $975 with 2200 square feet. 

Aug: 100 homes for rent in Maricopa. 

June:  103 homes currently for rent in Maricopa AZ.

As of May 21st:  There are currently 101 rental properties for rent .  94 are single family detached homes.  The average rent is $1018 with 2,094 square feet and 38 days on the market.    

Homes rented in April 2010:  45 homes were rented and of these 12 were south of the tracks (2 being in rural areas). 4 were in the furthest subdivision east (Tortosa) and 1 was in the active adult living community of Province.  The average rental price was $910 with 2,000 square feet with 35 days on the market. 


New developments in the City of Maricopa AZ:

XP Media Center - this will be a a million dollar structure that is scheduled to be completed by December of 2010.  It will be located off Hathaway and Justin Drive.  It will be a 9,046 square foot, two-story media production studio building with:  a film studio, administrative offices, four editing bays, a sound room, green room and more.

Holiday Inn Express
It has been over 50 years since the city of Maricopa has had a hotel and that's about to change.  Holiday Inn Express and Suites will be building an 80-room, 3 story hotel on the 6-acre vacant lot located on the east side of John Wayne Parkway, just south of Maricopa Self Storage.  There will also be an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center and talks of having a Starbucks and a Best Western next door are being discussed.  This is positive news as a large corporation is investing in Maricopa, AZ commercial property.  Hopefully, others will see Maricopa's potential and follow in Holiday Inn's foot steps.

Banner Health Care Center - Plans are for this to be constructed next to Glennwilde Groves in Maricopa.

Arizona Central College - To be built south of Desert Passage / Smith Farms.

New City Hall - Plans to be constructed east of Desert Passage / Smith Farms


Hire real estate RAY to provide you great service!!

  • Consisent communication via: email, text or phone.  You chose your preference.
  • Email pictures and / or videos of properties if you are unable to view!
  • Provide you a real time updates on properties. 
  • Get updates sent via email daily on new homes that fit what you are looking for!
  • Representing your interest throughout the entire transaction and beyond!
  • Inform you of the positives as well as the negatives of homes and subdivisions!

Why not have an agent that focuses on the Maricopa Arizona real estate market work for you?  Should not the agent you chose know about every subdivision in area and be actively selling homes in Maricopa AZ? Does the agent have a site dedicated to Maricopa Arizona or a general site with various cities all over the Phoenix area?

As a Buyer's Agent I represent YOUR interest! When you call the agent selling a home, the agent represents and is working for the Seller !! Will the agent tell you about what Buyers don't like about the subdivision? If you chose an agent that is not actively selling in Maricopa, you might buy a home in the subdivision where many homeowners are making claims against the builder!!

For questions about Maricopa Arizona real estate and homes for sale,  please call:

real estate RAY at 480.335.2355


New Resident Information:

Local Utilities:

  • Cable, TV, Internet and Phone, Orbitel 520.568.8890
  • U.S. Post Office - Maricopa AZ,  520.568.2641
  • Power - Electrical District # 3, 520.424.9021
  • Water & Sewer - Global Water, 520.568.4452
  • Trash - Waste Management, 800-796-9696
  • Natural Gas - Southwest Gas, 800.428.7324
  • Maricopa Unified School Distrtict 520.568.5100
  • Vehicle, Driver & Voter Registration,

Medical Facilities:

  • Casa Grande Regional, 520-381-6300
  • Chandler Regional Hospital, 480-963-4561
  • Maricopa Urgent Care, 520-381-3811

Public Facilities:

  • US  Postal Service, 520-568-2641
  • Police Department, Non-Emergency, 520-316-6800
  • Fire Department, Non-Emergency, 520-568-3161

Public Schools:

  • Santa Rosa Elementary, 520-568-6150
  • Pima Butte Elementary, 520-568-6101
  • Desert Wind Middle School, 520-568-7110
  • Maricopa High School, 520-568-8100
  • Maricopa Unified School District -

Parks / Recreation:

  • The Duke Golf Course, 520-568-4300
  • Southern Dunes Golf Course
  • Maricopa Parks and Recreation, 520-568-9098
  • Little League, 520-568-6019
  • Youth Football, 520-568-2819
  • Boy Scouts, 520-568-9443
  • Girls Scouts, 520-568-1572


  • Fry's, 520-568-6200
  • Basha's, 520-836-4400
  • Walgreen's Drug Store, 520-568-0658
  • CVS Drug Store, 520-568-8290
  • Walmart
  • Chandler Fashion Center
  • Arizona Mills Mall


Country / Rural Living in Maricopa Arizona:

If you prefer country living, be sure to check out: Hidden Valley, Thunderbird Farms, Saddleback Farms and Papago Butte.  Properties in these areas vary in terms of the property type and water supply.  The property can be a single-family detached home, a property with acerage, a horse property, mobile homes or manufactured homes. 

The water source in these areas can come from:

  • Private water company
  • Private-well
  • Shared-well
  • Hauled water 


Your Maricopa Arizona Home Search:

You will find that this site contains a detailed search of Maricopa AZ homes for sale as you can search by property type, communities, take a visual tour of every subdivision and YouTube Maricopa AZ real estate videos!

Search Arizona real estate in Maricopa in the following subdivisions: Rancho El Dorado, Cobblestone Farms, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado, Acacia Crossings, Maricopa Meadows, Alterra (Alterra North and Alterra South), Desert Cedars, Santa Rosa Springs, Senita, Glennwilde (Glennwilde Groves),  Province Active Adult Living, Rancho Mirage, Tortosa, Palo Brea, Smith Farms, Desert Passage, Homestead and The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado.  With such a variety of subdivisions, are you sure to find the type of home you are looking for in Maricopa, Arizona.

You can also search homes for sale in Maricopa, Arizona by property types such as:  HUD homes, Bank Owned and Foreclosed Homes, Short-Sale Homes, Homes with Pools, community pool homes for sale, Luxury Homes, Waterfront Homes, Lakefront Propeties, Golf Course Lot Homes, golf course community homes, golf homes, New Homes in Maricopa Arizona, Community pool homes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, retirement homes, gated homes, homes with 5 bedrooms, homes with 6 bedrooms, basement homes, homes with RV gate, homes on culdesac, homes with shared wells, private wells, single level homes, 2 story homes, homes next to greenbelt, gated community homes, investment properties, retirement homes houses for rent in Maricopa AZ, land in Maricopa AZ and Commercial Real Estate Properties in Maricopa AZ. 

NOTE:  All pictures on this website are from Maricopa Arizona. 


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